About the blog:

This blog was created as a “diary” or “travel log” to document the adventures of two girls – June, the photographer, and Helen, the model/subject and writer, as they roam around Vancouver to do their photo shoots.¬†June usually chooses the location of the shots, hence the name of the blog. The content is written in first person, to reflect Helen’s view of their projects; June’s views can be interpreted through her work.

About the creators:


June is currently a student studying photography. Out of all the different types of photography, she enjoys taking portraits the most. Although she likes taking photos of other people, she is, unfortunately, camera shy, so very few photos (if any) will be shown of our camera person. Themes for the photos are usually chosen by June.


Helen is the “model” for this blog, though she is wary about calling herself that. She also¬†usually chooses the outfits to match the theme of the photos, and generally just goofs around during the photo shoots.